Mike Keenan

Community Development Officer for Ross and Kumara (CDO)


My key role as the Community Development Officer is to assist and strengthen the communities of both Kumara and Ross to help build leaders and grow skilled social infrastructure, to make improvements which will bolster the economy and morale. The CDO will assist to make the connection of past, present and future, to engender improvement in communications/relationships, resulting in successful collaborative projects, activities and events as the towns adapt to the changes they are facing.

With the West Coast Wilderness Trail going through both Kumara & Ross, the opportunities are huge with cyclists wanting accommodation/eating places and to view the local town attractions.

Both towns share a history of gold mining, particularly with regard to Chinese miners who left behind a valuable legacy of impressive stacked rock tailings, and intricately fashioned steep-sided channels, ideal for developing walkways and points of educational interest for local residents and tourists using the West Coast Wilderness Trail. 



Kumara: Monday & Tuesday 9 - 4.30pm. Office based at Kumara Memorial Hall. 

Ross: Thursday & Friday 9 - 4.30pm. 

Subject to change. 


Mike Keenan

Meeting Minutes

Kumara Sports & Clubs Meeting 18.5.17
Kumara Sports & Clubs Meeting 1

This website has come together and been able to be funded through the Department of Internal Affairs Community Development Scheme. This is a joint project with the Ross and Chinese community, and is in place to increase community access and participation in the local physical and the shared virtual environment.
— Mike Keenan, CDO