kumara goes live!

Today, at a small ceremony at the Theatre Royal, Kumara's new website was launched. We hope it proves to be a wonderful resource for both domestic and international visitors and for our terrific local community. 

I would like to thank my family (incl a toddler and baby) for their unrelenting support.  This voluntary project has consumed the bulk of my evenings over the past 14 weeks or so!

Stella (daughter of Andrew), Andrew & Fiona 'cutting the ribbon'

Stella (daughter of Andrew), Andrew & Fiona 'cutting the ribbon'

This blog will be used to post important community updates and other useful information. Each post will be synced with Facebook. Please 'like' the 'Kumara West Coast' community Facebook page to receive notification of these blog posts. If you don't have Facebook, just check back here regularly. 

If you have any constructive, awesomely useful feedback, queries or would like to contribute to the website, please contact me via the 'Site Admin' link at the bottom of this page. 

Thanks everyone! Andrew. 

Please note, both this website and Facebook page are administered by a small team of local volunteers. Having an online presence is important for the future of Kumara. We welcome commentingsharing, tagging and liking. However, administrators reserve the right to moderate use and manage user access to preserve a positive online experience.