Kumara Water Situation: 23.1.17 *please read & share*

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Kumara Water Supply:  The boil water notice remains in effect  

Council flushed chlorine through the Kumara water supply on Friday 20 January.  This action was to disinfect the reservoir and town reticulation systems.  Water quality results however still show low levels of contamination, so the boil water notice remains in effect.  We are required to achieve three consecutive days of clear results in all of our samples before the notice can be lifted.

 We will provide an update about the status of the water on Wednesday 25 January 2017.  

Please note:

-        Public notices about the need to boil the water prior to drinking it have been removed from the Kumara Sportsground toilet facilities.  This was not done by Council or its contractors and is disappointing.  Visitors to Kumara use this water and need to be aware of the boil water status.  New notices are being placed at the facility.

-        Council has not been notified by Community Public Health about anyone being affected by consumption of the water in Kumara.  This is a good sign and reflects well on people’s adherence to the boil water notice.  If anybody does start to feel ill then they should follow their normal practice and contact their own doctor for advice.  All doctors will notify Community Public Health if they suspect there is any connection to a water borne illness.

-        You can check the status of the water supply using either the Council’s website www.westlanddc.govt.nz or Kumara’s Website or Facebook page. You can contact Council: Phone 0800 474 834

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