Keep boiling Kumara! *update* 16.2.17

Kumara Drinking Water

Council would like to remind residents connected to the reticulated water supply that the current Boil Water Notice has been issued in the interest of public health and in line with standard practice as per the guidelines within NZ Drinking Water standards. We are grateful to have the support from various community spokespersons to distribute the important Boil Water Notice updates.

Council has been vigorously investigating what is contaminating the supply.  The E.coli measure is an indicator of contamination. Our ongoing testing shows a low contamination level and this makes it more difficult to discern the cause.  Kumara water is sourced from what is technically termed an “unknown catchment area” or not a single source of supply, so Council cannot isolate and/or contain the source.  A wide ground area has been transversed and effects of recent land use changes and weather events have been looked into.

The addition of chlorine into the drinking water is to disinfect the water and eliminate the risk of further contamination due to already present e-coli.  Once the chlorine disinfects the water to a suitable standard, the Boil Water Notice will be lifted.  It just takes time to get to this safe point.

Some Kumara residents have questioned the cost of having to boil their water during this contamination period.  Residents connected to the Kumara water supply pay an annual targeted rate that is based on receiving an “untreated” supply.  This is a lower rate than other catchment areas in the district who pay for their water to be treated all year.  The current precaution to boil water is a temporary measure.

Kind regards,
Karen Jury
Corporate Planner
Westland District Council

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