Westland Water Situation *update* 3.2.17

Apologies for for the delay in getting this update out - I've been holidaying and out-of-coverage!

Westland Water Supplies

The Boil Water Notices remain in place for both the Kumara and Arahura water supply catchments.

Council requires three consecutive clear readings before it will lift a Boil Water Notice.  Therefore testing will continue on both the Kumara and Arahura water supplies and the need for a Boil Water Notice will be reviewed next week. 


·        Investigations carried out to date have not revealed a specific cause for the E.coli transgression in Kumara.  The low levels of E.coli detected make it difficult to track and pinpoint the contamination source. 

·        The previous chlorine dosing in Kumara was effective however the boil water notice remains in effect because:

o   Ongoing and significant levels of rainfall in the catchment meant there was a significant risk of further contamination in the untreated water supply, which was proven by later tests.   

o   There was a level of presence of coliform bacteria (not specifically E.coli but an indicator of potential organic contamination) in the water supply. 


·        The cause of the E.coli transgression in the Arahura water supply is still under investigation. 

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