Kumara Water Situation *update* 8.2.17


 The Boil Water Notice remains in place.

Due to the ongoing presence of E.coli in the Kumara water supply, Council has made the decision to add chlorine to the water supply until at least the end of February.  The decision to proceed with chlorine dosing has been made in the interest of public health.

We will advise you when the notice is lifted.

The Boil Water Notice must remain in place even after chlorine is added, until the water meets the minimum chlorine residual required to minimise the risk of bacteria in the water supply.  Council will commence with chlorine dosing tomorrow (Thursday).  This will begin with a high dose of chlorine in the morning which will be flushed through the network before we commence continuously dosing with chlorine at a lower constant rate.  Council will continue to monitor the quality of the raw water at the source and re-assess the need to continuously dose the supply with chlorine on a periodic basis. 

The good news:

The contract for the upgrade of the Water Treatment Plant servicing the Kumara water supplies has just been awarded to Techno Economic Services (NZ) Ltd.  This means that on-the-ground work will progress soon.  The upgrade will result in improvements to drinking water quality and also improve Council’s compliance with the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand. 

The Kumara plant will be upgraded to include a combination of filtration and UV disinfection.  The upgrade also includes the added ability for Council staff and plant operators to access the plant computer remotely.  This will improve the response time to plant faults and ensure greater oversight and control of plant operation. 

We will share updates about timing and progress with the upgrade as work progresses. 

Kind regards,

Karen Jury
Corporate Planner
Westland District Council

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