Chinese Miners Reserve - Wellington Fundraiser

Successful fundraiser for the Chinese Miners Memorial Reserve

The Wellington event was hosted by the NZ Chinese History & Cultural Assn (NZCHCA) for our Chinese Reserve project.  It was a very successful event and we are both humbled and encouraged by the event.

It was well attended (180+), with VIP's including Deputy PM Paula Bennett, Speaker of the House David Carter, other MP's including Maureen Pugh, Chinese VIP's including representatives of the Chinese Embassy and NZCHCA Chairman Steven Wong and our Mayor Bruce Smith. 

Our project was represented by Chair KRT Julie Rowe, Fiona Pollard Project Manager, Erin Diao (Chris Glasson landscape Architect) and Mike Keenan as our Community Development Officer who is supporting and helping us to develop the key relationships locally & within Chinese community.

The event has raised the profile of our project, it is definitely of national interest, not just local.  It is acknowledged within the Chinese community as being very special and significant project. 

This is our 2nd fundraiser with the NZCHCA and it is strengthen our working relationship and partnership with this Association. We are waiting for confirmation about how much the evening raised and our next fundraiser will be in Christchurch in Spring.