26/7 1906hrs *water update* PLEASE CONSERVE WATER

UPDATE: We believe tonight's issue may have been caused by the lightning this evening. The water pump issue was resolved late this afternoon. Could Kumara residents please conserve water overnight. This will allow time for the reservoir to restore its storage level and you should be back to normal tomorrow. If you do encounter further problems tomorrow, please ring the Council on 756-9010 and log a service request. Many thanks Kumara West Coast for helping spread the word!

Kumara residents, we are aware that some of you are experiencing decreased water pressure or water outages tonight. Our contractors are looking into this as we speak. If similar things like this happen after hours in future please ring Westland District Council on 756-9010. You will reach an answerphone but it will give you a list of options to select from. Press 2 for after-hours water assistance. During office hours please ring the same number and log a service request with our customer service staff. This enables us to provide you with a faster and more efficient service.