Kumara Chinese Reserve *update*

Kumara Chinese Reserve Update – Work has started on site & a $5000 donation!

In a major milestone for the Kumara Chinese Reserve, the first contract has been awarded to Westroads (Greymouth).  Civil works to do the ground excavation and fill, as well as formation of the contours of the garden has commenced and is expected to be completed mid June 2018.

After all our hard work with planning, design work and fundraising, it is exciting to reach this milestone together with our partners and see work finally commencing on the ground. By the end of the contract, we will be able to walk around the reserve and see the actual garden shape, paths, garden zones etc which will finally make the reserve a reality.

In another boost to the project, it is exciting and we are grateful to have received a significant donation of $5000 from a local family to be used to fund a table and chair set.  There have now been several local families who have donated either land or funds for this project, which shows the local connection with the project.  There are other opportunities for local families or groups to donate to the project for either specific items, or just generally for the construction of the garden.