Rates rebate roadshow in Kumara TOMORROW 7.8.17

Rates rebate roadshow

Monday 7th: 11am-12.30pm, Kumara Hall

You may be eligible for a rebate on your 2017/2018 rates.

The Rates Rebate Scheme is administered by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). It provides a subsidy to low-income homeowners on the cost of their rates.

The maximum rebate is $620. The income threshold is $24,790 and is increased by $500 for each dependant in the household.

Homeowners can apply for the rebate from 1 July 2017, for the 2017/18 rating year. The closing date for applications is 30 June 2018.

Rates Rebates forms for 2017/2018 now available at i-SITE. You can also download them from the Department of Internal Affairs website.

Westland District Council will also be holding a rates roadshow throughout Westland in August in various locations around the region where you get help with completing your rates rebate applications and get more information regarding rates in general.

26/7 1906hrs *water update* PLEASE CONSERVE WATER

UPDATE: We believe tonight's issue may have been caused by the lightning this evening. The water pump issue was resolved late this afternoon. Could Kumara residents please conserve water overnight. This will allow time for the reservoir to restore its storage level and you should be back to normal tomorrow. If you do encounter further problems tomorrow, please ring the Council on 756-9010 and log a service request. Many thanks Kumara West Coast for helping spread the word!

Kumara residents, we are aware that some of you are experiencing decreased water pressure or water outages tonight. Our contractors are looking into this as we speak. If similar things like this happen after hours in future please ring Westland District Council on 756-9010. You will reach an answerphone but it will give you a list of options to select from. Press 2 for after-hours water assistance. During office hours please ring the same number and log a service request with our customer service staff. This enables us to provide you with a faster and more efficient service.

become an 'It's not OK' champion

“It’s Not OK” Champion Training
26 & 27 July in Hokitika

Stephanie Edmonds from the Ministry of Social Development is holding two training workshops in Hokitika this month for members of the community that would like to be able to support individuals who have been affected by family violence.
Learn how to be an “It’s not OK champion” and use your influence to change attitudes and behaviour.
Workshop number #1 will be held on Wednesday 26 July from 5:30pm – 8pmat the St John Hall at 134 Stafford Street and will teach you valuable skills to listen to affected individuals and refer people to appropriate support services in the community. A certificate of completion will be provided to those who attend this training. This is a great professional development opportunity for those who already work in the helping professions, but all members of the community are encouraged to attend. Learn skills to help your friends and family who may have experienced family violence.
The second workshop will be held the following evening on Thursday 27 July (same time and venue) and it will focus on media training for those who have completed the champion training.
If you have any further questions please contact Derek Blight, Community Development Advisor at Westland District Council on 03 756 9047, or email Stephanie Edmonds at stephanie.edmonds002@msd.govt.nz 

Boil Water Notice LIFTED 17.2.17

The boil water notice for the Kumara water supply has been lifted.  Chlorine will continue to be added to the water for the time being however Council is monitoring the quality of the water at the source and will reassess the need for chlorine to be added on an ongoing basis.  

Thanks go to Kumara residents for their help informing the community about the status of the water during this event.

With regards,

Karen Jury
Corporate Planner
Westland District Council

Keep boiling Kumara! *update* 16.2.17

Kumara Drinking Water

Council would like to remind residents connected to the reticulated water supply that the current Boil Water Notice has been issued in the interest of public health and in line with standard practice as per the guidelines within NZ Drinking Water standards. We are grateful to have the support from various community spokespersons to distribute the important Boil Water Notice updates.

Council has been vigorously investigating what is contaminating the supply.  The E.coli measure is an indicator of contamination. Our ongoing testing shows a low contamination level and this makes it more difficult to discern the cause.  Kumara water is sourced from what is technically termed an “unknown catchment area” or not a single source of supply, so Council cannot isolate and/or contain the source.  A wide ground area has been transversed and effects of recent land use changes and weather events have been looked into.

The addition of chlorine into the drinking water is to disinfect the water and eliminate the risk of further contamination due to already present e-coli.  Once the chlorine disinfects the water to a suitable standard, the Boil Water Notice will be lifted.  It just takes time to get to this safe point.

Some Kumara residents have questioned the cost of having to boil their water during this contamination period.  Residents connected to the Kumara water supply pay an annual targeted rate that is based on receiving an “untreated” supply.  This is a lower rate than other catchment areas in the district who pay for their water to be treated all year.  The current precaution to boil water is a temporary measure.

Kind regards,
Karen Jury
Corporate Planner
Westland District Council

36 Weld Street, Private Bag 704, Hokitika 7842 | www.westlanddc.govt.nz<https://www.westlanddc.govt.nz/>
DDI 03 756 9082<tel:03-756%209082>| F 03 756 9045<tel:03-756%209045>| Karen.Jury@westlanddc.govt.nz<mailto:Karen.Jury@westlanddc.govt.nz>
“Westland – The Last Best Place”

Kumara Water Situation *update* 15.2.17



We have obtained three consecutive days of clear results from this water supply.  The Boil Water Notice for the Arahura water supply has been lifted


The Boil Water Notice remains in place.  We are waiting for the chlorine levels in the reticulation to stabilise at the required level before we lift the Boil Water Notice. 

Council has received feedback from Kumara residents about the length of time the Boil Water Notice has been in place.  We understand that it is an inconvenience and cost to have to boil your drinking water – however for health reasons we advise that you continue to do so.

We will be issuing a further statement about this tomorrow.

Kind regards,

Karen Jury
Corporate Planner
Westland District Council

36 Weld Street, Private Bag 704, Hokitika 7842 | www.westlanddc.govt.nz
DDI 03 756 9082| F 03 756 9045Karen.Jury@westlanddc.govt.nz
“Westland – The Last Best Place”

Kumara Water Situation *update* 8.2.17


 The Boil Water Notice remains in place.

Due to the ongoing presence of E.coli in the Kumara water supply, Council has made the decision to add chlorine to the water supply until at least the end of February.  The decision to proceed with chlorine dosing has been made in the interest of public health.

We will advise you when the notice is lifted.

The Boil Water Notice must remain in place even after chlorine is added, until the water meets the minimum chlorine residual required to minimise the risk of bacteria in the water supply.  Council will commence with chlorine dosing tomorrow (Thursday).  This will begin with a high dose of chlorine in the morning which will be flushed through the network before we commence continuously dosing with chlorine at a lower constant rate.  Council will continue to monitor the quality of the raw water at the source and re-assess the need to continuously dose the supply with chlorine on a periodic basis. 

The good news:

The contract for the upgrade of the Water Treatment Plant servicing the Kumara water supplies has just been awarded to Techno Economic Services (NZ) Ltd.  This means that on-the-ground work will progress soon.  The upgrade will result in improvements to drinking water quality and also improve Council’s compliance with the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand. 

The Kumara plant will be upgraded to include a combination of filtration and UV disinfection.  The upgrade also includes the added ability for Council staff and plant operators to access the plant computer remotely.  This will improve the response time to plant faults and ensure greater oversight and control of plant operation. 

We will share updates about timing and progress with the upgrade as work progresses. 

Kind regards,

Karen Jury
Corporate Planner
Westland District Council

36 Weld Street, Private Bag 704, Hokitika 7842 | www.westlanddc.govt.nz
DDI 03 756 9082| F 03 756 9045Karen.Jury@westlanddc.govt.nz
“Westland – The Last Best Place”

Kumara Water Situation - *please read & share*

Kumara Water Supply  

Water quality results continue to show low levels of contamination, so the boil water notice remains in effect. 

Council plans to add chlorine to the water supply from approximately 9am on Friday 20 January.  This action will disinfect the reservoir and town reticulation systems.  The chlorine will initially be detectable in your water (taste and odour) however the amount of chlorine in the system will not exceed the acceptable value set in the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand.  The amount of chlorine remaining in the system will become less detectable over a period of time.     

Please be assured that, when the chlorine has been added, the water can safely be consumed by residents and visitors to Kumara.  You must however still boil it until the boil water notice has been officially lifted by Council. 

 You can contact Council: Phone 0800 474 834

People can check the status of the water supply, using either the Council’s website www.westlanddc.govt.nz 

Kind regards,

Karen Jury
Corporate Planner
Westland District Council

36 Weld Street, Private Bag 704, Hokitika 7842 | www.westlanddc.govt.nz
DDI 03 756 9082| F 03 756 9045Karen.Jury@westlanddc.govt.nz

“Westland – The Last Best Place”




Issued on 13 January 2017


Boil Water Notice
During a routine water sampling process the Kumara water supply was identified as having a ‘presence’ of E.Coli.  This means consumers need to boil their water before consumption and also for the purpose of food preparation to eliminate any bacteria that may be present.

This boil water notice is in place until we can guarantee the quality of water being delivered to consumers.  Status updates will be posted on Council’s website www.westlanddc.govt.nz

How to boil water for drinking
As long as water has been fully boiled in an electric jug, any bacteria and viruses will be destroyed. If you boil your water in a pot, then leave it to boil for at least 2 minutes for the same effect. If you keep boiled water covered in a fridge, then it should be safe for several weeks.  To keep it tasting fresh, it's best to store it in glass or stainless steel.

Bacteria found in contaminated supplies can make people sick. The only way to avoid getting sick is to boil the water. This is a very effective and easy way of making water safe to drink.

The Council is investigating the possible reason for this contamination and is carrying out further tests to determine when the supply is back to a compliant level.  

Council apologises for any inconvenience caused.  If you have any queries please contact our Customer Service Centre or myself on 0800 474 834.

Pam Wilson
Engineer – Water Services

Tour of Kumara Water Treatment Plant


Pam Wilson, Water Services Engineer




Tour of the water treatment plant at Kumara


Council will be upgrading the water treatment plant in Kumara next year.  If people are interested in taking a look at this plant prior to the upgrade, then now is your chance.

An open day is scheduled and Council encourages people to come along and see inside the plant, and ask questions.

The open day is Saturday 21 January 2017.  The Kumara plant will be open to the public between 2 – 3.30pm.

Council’s Water Services Engineer, Pam Wilson advises that “some people might want to pop in for a quick look, others might want to know all about how the plants operate and why the upgrades are being made.  I’m happy to stay on site so people can come and go.”

The Kumara water treatment plant is on Kumara-Inchbonnie Road, at the bottom of the hill opposite the power station.                


Dated at Hokitika this 9th day of December 2016

Derek Blight
Community Development Advisor
Westland District Council

Got an opinion on our council? Here's your chance to be heard!

As you may now be aware, the Local Government Commission is going to be on the West Coast in June to find out what the West Coast community thinks about its local government arrangements. This email is to let you and your organisation know about the meetings and activities that we have planned and to invite you to join in.


Last year we received an application asking us to look at the local government arrangements on the West Coast.  To give us a better understanding of local government on the West Coast, a series of community workshops and drop-in sessions are being held on the West Coast.

Drop-in sessions and community workshops

We would like to invite you and your organisation to attend a drop-in session or workshop. We want to hear what you think about your local government arrangements. Pop in to a meeting between 15 and 30 June:

Inviting your views on our key questions

 At these meetings we will be particularly interested in responses to some key questions we are asking the community. These questions are:

1.       What are the big challenges and opportunities for the West Coast?

2.       What do you like about the current way your councils are set up and the way services are delivered? Can you give examples?

3.       Is there anything about the current way your councils are set up and the way services are delivered, that you would like to change? What is it, and why?

4.       Are there any council services you think would be better delivered over a wider area as shared services by existing councils? What services and why? How would this affect local communities?

5.       Should some councils be combined? If yes, which ones? How would it affect the communities concerned?

If you can’t attend a drop-in session or workshop you can email your response to info@lgc.govt.nz or write to us at PO Box 5362, Wellington 6140. We would like your responses by 8 July.

Online Questionnaire

We also have a short online questionnaire asking questions about your current local government set up and the way services are delivered. Please take the opportunity to fill it in and return it to us by 8 July.

The questionnaire is available on our website at www.lgc.govt.nz. It is also available in hard copy as part of a tear off section in our pamphlet West Coast Local Government – what do you think? The pamphlet is available from local councils and libraries on the West Coast.

Further information

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us either by email info@lgc.govt.nz or by telephoning (04) 460 2228.

You can find out more information at www.lgc.govt.nz or from a pamphlet available for your local council or library.

Carolyn Read
Lead Advisor – Reorganisation
Local Government Commission Mana Kāwanatanga Ā Rohe
DDI +64 4 494 0588 | Extn: 5588| 027 801 5539
147 Lambton Quay | P O Box 5362, Wellington 6140, New Zealand |  www.lgc.govt.nz

Momentum in Kumara for KRT

Below outlines the results of this years Kumara Residents Trust submission to the Westland District Council’s Annual Plan process.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 6.20.08 PM.png

Thank you everyone who contributed with this process, we are getting new rubbish bins and the grant to maintain the toilet at the sportsground has increased.  While the Greenstone Road footpath didn’t make the cut for this year, it is now top of the list for footpath upgrades in Kumara, so it’s just a matter of timing & $$.

Kumara Residents Trust welcomes the new Kumara Memorial Hall committee.  It was great that the previous public meeting facilitated by KRT resulted in a successful Kumara Memorial Hall AGM.  The Hall is a great facility for our community and it is great that there are new volunteers keen to be actively involved.  As an umbrella group for the community, KRT will continue to support this committee in their endeavours as required.  For example, KRT recently submitted (on behalf of the Hall Committee) a Community Organisation Grant (COGS) application which included funding for the Kumara Memorial Hall to cover general running expenses (insurance, power etc).  If the application is successful, KRT will work closely with the Hall Committee to administer this funding.

Fiona Pollard
Kumara Residents Trust (KRT)

Kumara driveways/footpath upgrades

Westland District Council has allocated $16k over 3 years for Kumara driveway/footpath upgrades.

Where is there driveway/footpath upgrades needed in your street?

What footpaths annoy you in Kumara?

Where would you like a footpath in Kumara?

Where is there a drainage issue with particular footpaths in Kumara?

Where is there any other issue with particular footpaths in Kumara?

(Note: 4th Street re-sealing work will include driveway/footpaths)

KRT would like your feedback.  We realise $16k over 3 years won’t go far, but at least we have an opportunity to give some advice to Council.

A site meeting with Council representatives is happening soon so please email fionapollard300@gmail.com, leave a message on the facebook page or comment below if you have any ideas.


Fiona Pollard
KRT Chairperson