dillmans dam

Dillmans Dam Enhancement Project Update May 2016

Update from CDO, Mike Keenan

We now have two concept plans [ A & B ] for you to view and make comments and suggestions on how you would like to see the Dillmans Dam site look like.

Landscape Proposal
Dillmans Dam Plan A
Dillmans Dam Plan B

There was a site inspection of the area with key stakeholders including: Trustpower (who’s owns the land), Westland District Council, West Coast Wilderness Trail, DOC, Community Department of Health Board, and local Kumara people. Their ideas and suggestions were then put into a public survey for locals to have there input and feedback before Sue Asplin drew up these two draft concepts.

Please read the background information sheet / landscape proposal which gives project information details.

I am very interested in hearing from YOU with your ideas and suggestions before the final plans are drawn up for the Dillmans Dam Enhancement Project.

Feedback will close on Friday the 23rd June @ 5 pm with Mike Keenan. 
email rosskumara@gmail.com or phone # 021-280-6171.