heart racer

C'mon Kumara - get out and support Kris!

Kris 'Bus' McLeish is doing a charity run from Kumara to Christchurch in honour of his brother who died suddenly of a heart attack (soon after the birth of his twins). He's running to raise funds to help the Heart Foundation with their fight against heart disease, NZ's biggest killer. 

Kris and his crew will be staying in the Memorial Hall Wednesday night and he plans to have a meal at the Theatre Royal. It would be awesome if the community could drop-in to the hall or have a beer at the hotel to welcome him to the Coast and wish him luck. 

Kris and his crew will be starting the run at 0600hrs from Kumara Beach Thursday morning so should be passing through town around 0630hrs. It'd be amazing to have some locals lining Seddon St to cheer him and his crew on!

Better yet, donate! Here is the link to his 'Heart Racer' fundraising page:

Thanks Kumara.