KRT General Meeting

Hi All-

The next Kumara Residents' Trust general meeting will be at  7.30pm on Thursday 15th September at the Theatre Royal (in Hector's Room)

Please see the attached:

Previous meeting minutes
Updated action log

As always, everyone is welcome so please do invite anyone you know who's keen to get involved.

Look forward to see you there : )


Julie Rowe


Momentum in Kumara for KRT

Below outlines the results of this years Kumara Residents Trust submission to the Westland District Council’s Annual Plan process.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 6.20.08 PM.png

Thank you everyone who contributed with this process, we are getting new rubbish bins and the grant to maintain the toilet at the sportsground has increased.  While the Greenstone Road footpath didn’t make the cut for this year, it is now top of the list for footpath upgrades in Kumara, so it’s just a matter of timing & $$.

Kumara Residents Trust welcomes the new Kumara Memorial Hall committee.  It was great that the previous public meeting facilitated by KRT resulted in a successful Kumara Memorial Hall AGM.  The Hall is a great facility for our community and it is great that there are new volunteers keen to be actively involved.  As an umbrella group for the community, KRT will continue to support this committee in their endeavours as required.  For example, KRT recently submitted (on behalf of the Hall Committee) a Community Organisation Grant (COGS) application which included funding for the Kumara Memorial Hall to cover general running expenses (insurance, power etc).  If the application is successful, KRT will work closely with the Hall Committee to administer this funding.

Fiona Pollard
Kumara Residents Trust (KRT)

Notice of Kumara Residents Trust General Meeting 19.5.16

Thursday 19th May, 7.30pm @ the Theatre Royal.

Please come along or send your apologies to  

As always- All Welcome : )

Please find attached:

Previous KRT General Meeting Minutes
Updated Action Log
Agenda for 19.5.16 KRT General Meeting   

Please note a decision will be made at this meeting re: the proposed constitution change for the financial date (as shown in the agenda).

Look forward to seeing you there : )