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Youth of Kumara - have your say!

Hi all

Council and WestREAP are involved in the process of developing a District wide Youth Strategy to assist in the establishment of activities in Westland specifically for young people and as part of the youth strategy we want to know what young people aged between 12 and 24 years of age think about our community and themselves. If you are in this category, you are invited to participate in the survey by going to the link below  and completing the survey monkey.  



Derek Blight
Community Development Advisor
Westland District Council

Community Picnic @ Dillman's!

Hi Everyone,

As you may have read in the Goldtrails, there was a meeting last month to look at upgrading the Kapitea Reservoir picnic/car park/boat ramp area.  A link to the meeting notes is below. 

KRT will be gathering the relevant info on use, purpose etc and will develop an online survey as well as suggestion box within the community.  

At the KRT General Meeting, we decided to have a community picnic up at the dam, with a possible rubbish clean up if you're keen,  and definitely a relax with fellow Kumara folk. So please tell your neighbours and come along - all welcome.

Looking forward to an end of summer catch up!


Community Picnic at the Kapitea Reservoir (Dillman's Dam)

(the first picnic/boat/parking lot area on your left coming from Kumara)

4pm on Sunday 21st February

Please bring a plate to share : )

Kumara Chinese Miners' Memorial Reserve

The New Zealand China Friendship Society have published their January newsletter. Please scroll  to page 5 for an update on both the Ross and Kumara Reserves. 

January 2016 Newsletter



Dillman's Dam Development

Some exciting discussions are taking place with Council, DOC, Trustpower the KRT and interested residents about future development ideas for the Kapitea Reservoir (Dillman's Dam).

Watch this space for more information and your chance to have a say!

Yoga Classes in Kumara! Free intro class Weds 3 February

Noelle Stet would like to offer weekly yoga classes in Kumara. 

CLASS AIM: Move and extend the physical body, relax and rejuvenate the mind.


7 to 8..30 p.m. AT THE SCHOOL LIBRARY.



TIME: WEDNESDAYS 7.00 - 8.30.

DATES: FEB. 17, 24. MARCH 2, 9, (16 - NO CLASS) 23, 30. APRIL 6, 13.

COST FOR 8 CLASSES PER PERSON: Depends on the number of people who attend. (I am coming from Hokitika)

5 people          = $120.00
6 people          = $100.00
7 people          = $  85.00
7 -9 people      = $  80.00
10 people        = $  75.00
11 - 15 people = $  65.00



Please commit to a full 8 week term, payment before classes begin.

My name is Noelle, I am 48 years old, with 2 grown up children...and a wonderful husband.

I have always had a passion for the practice of Yoga.

5 years ago I decided to take this passion one step further and began a Yoga teacher study course.

I am now officially a Yoga Charinini. (That is; a person (female) who studies yoga, and is able to share that growing knowledge with others)

I have a 'Full Sadhka Intergral Yoga Teaching Diploma' from the IYAA ; Integral Yoga Academy of Australasia. Dated March 2013.

To share the joy and health benefits of all aspects of Yoga is a great privilege, I feel humbled to be given the opportunity to do this.

I am purely a messenger of the teachings of the great masters of the past.

The study of Yoga is life-long. It is always a good time to start

We can choose to adopt a few or a lot of the aspects of Yoga - all effort will be beneficial.

Practicing Asana - physical postures is a good way to nourish the body and so, also the mind.

Class atmosphere is always non-competitive, relaxed and flexible. By flexible I mean; if you are not comfortable practicing a particular pose, I will give you an alternative, or will advise you to rest until the next practice. You must listen to your own body, and do what is right for you.

I look forward to sharing Yoga with you.

Noelle Stet

Ph:  027 2055478

Email: yogahokitika@gmail.com

Notice of Kumara Residents Trust General Meeting 28.1.15

Hello All- Happy New Year and I do hope you all had a lovely holiday time : )  

Our first KRT General Meeting of 2015 is upon us- woo hoo!  Please come along or send your apologies to fionapollard300@gmail.com.  

As always- All Welcome : )

It's on Thursday 28th January at 7.30pm at the Kumara Memorial Hall

Please find attached:

Minutes of last meeting
Agenda for meeting
Proposed constitution changes
Current Constitution

Warm Regards,

Julie Rowe


Gala Day Debrief and Planning Meeting

Hi All-

Thanks to everyone for a great Gala Day- what an awesome effort : ) 

The final Gala Meeting is tonight- Tuesday 24th November at 7pm at the Kumara Memorial Hall.  

This meeting will be a debrief of Gala Day- what worked well, what could be improved on etc.  There will also be a vote on what the funds raised by KRT will go towards.  

Please come along to have your say and give feedback to make next year even better!  

If you aren't able to make the meeting, yet want to share your feedback, please email Fiona directly at fionapollard300@gmail.com.



Kumara driveways/footpath upgrades

Westland District Council has allocated $16k over 3 years for Kumara driveway/footpath upgrades.

Where is there driveway/footpath upgrades needed in your street?

What footpaths annoy you in Kumara?

Where would you like a footpath in Kumara?

Where is there a drainage issue with particular footpaths in Kumara?

Where is there any other issue with particular footpaths in Kumara?

(Note: 4th Street re-sealing work will include driveway/footpaths)

KRT would like your feedback.  We realise $16k over 3 years won’t go far, but at least we have an opportunity to give some advice to Council.

A site meeting with Council representatives is happening soon so please email fionapollard300@gmail.com, leave a message on the facebook page or comment below if you have any ideas.


Fiona Pollard
KRT Chairperson