Ruling against Chinese garden article

The following link is the official ruling form the Press Council:


It's unfortunate The Press continues to perpetuate misinformation about the process to access the Endowment Fund and the Chinese Memorial Reserve Project. It's also unfortunate that the journalist failed to notice the many positive things happening in our community.  His first inaccuracy was stating that "there is not a lot in the town of Kumara".  Ugh! Yet, that's media for you- they only want the drama.  If you are interested in the accurate information that counters the many inaccuracies in the article, then please go to the folder below where you may read the facts for yourself.  As for the fraudulent proxy votes- I have personally asked the accusers last September to please take the issue to the police and sort it out. We are not sure why this hasn't happened.  I know we are not alone in wanting this issue to be cleared so that we can all move on.  It's time for Kumara to again be a town where the various community groups work hard for Kumara- together making awesome things happen, without the drama.

In this folder, you will find:

1.  Crown Law Response to KRT

2.  WDC Resolution #2 (29 September, 2016)

3.  Endowment Fund legal advice

4.  Notice of Chinese Memorial Garden Community Meeting (June, 2014)

5.  Notice of Community Endowment Fund Meeting (June, 2014)

6.  Minutes of the 18 June 2014 Endowment Fund Community Meeting 

7.  Endowment Fund Information (from 29 September, 2015 Community Meeting)

8.  KRT Endowment Fund Community Meeting Presentation (29 September, 2015)

9.  WDC Resolution #1 (30 October, 2014)

10.  Questions and Answers from Endowment Fund Community Meeting (29 September, 2015)

11. 4th May 2017 Revised WDC Long Term Plan Submission Results