Huge response to West Coast heart art

A West Coast ‘heart art’ project has received over 600 hearts including contributions from Ross, Kumara, Blaketown and Lake Brunner schools. The hearts were decorated in response to a call put out by two local artists wanting to create a collaborative artwork to express the region’s grief and support in response to the Christchurch terrorist attack.

The two artists, Julie Rowe and Deb Patterson, have been amazed by the response. Collaborator Deb Patterson says her first reaction to seeing the large number of pieces and reading some of the words of condolence was “these heart are going to destroy me.”

“Reading, messages like ‘You came here for a good life, but it didn’t turn out that way’ written in child’s handwriting was just so tear jerking,” she says.

“But Julie and I also both realise how incredibly privileged we are to have the task of creating something special from all of the beautiful hearts which are artworks in themselves. We want to make sure the Muslim community in Christchurch knows that we are feeling for them.”

“We are just so thankful to everyone for their awesome support and willingness to make this happen,” she says.

A ‘well of love’ over a metre wide has been created out of the contributed small hearts. The artwork has been sent to the Christchurch Muslim Community Trust.

Another work of hanging large hearts will be housed at the New Coasters/ CoRe in Greymouth.

A special thank you to Greymouth KiwiBank Post Shop for their incredible support in packaging and shipping the large artwork.