Kumara Fast Facts

1. Locals pronounce Kumara with the stress on the middle syllable, not the first as we do with the maori pronunciation of the root vegetable, making it KU-MAR-A.

Kohe Mara - Bush Lawyer Blossom


2. 'Kumara' is believed to be a corruption of the Maori words "Kohe Mara" meaning the blossom of tataramoa (bush lawyer). 


3. Kumara's current population is 309 (Census 2013)

Main Street of Kumara 1877



4. During the height of 'the rush', Kumara had close to 50 pubs, a hospital, courthouse, police station and its own newspaper!




Richard John Seddon, Kumara



5. Richard John Seddon, New Zealand's longest serving Prime Minister, was once Mayor of Kumara and resided in the town.