Kumara Residents Trust (KRT)

Kumara is a vibrant village, with a proactive and friendly community that want to work together to ensure success.

The Kumara Residents Trust (KRT) is a community trust established by residents in 2008 as an umbrella organisation to develop, enhance and fundraise for the betterment of the township and community. Now a charitable trust, KRT continues to assist the development and sustainability of Kumara through beautification projects, hosting community events, fundraising for local projects and managing the Township Development Fund. The Trust has strategic relationships with Westland District Council, other Government agencies and works collaboratively with local community groups and organisations. Kumara's pride in place has significantly improved since the introduction of the Trust, making Kumara a place where people want to move to, live and prosper (the long-standing locals have known about the awesomeness of the town all along!). The Trust is made up of a Board of Trustees and approximately 80 members.

Want to be a member of KRT?

Whether you’re one of the many new residents in the area or one of the more established folk, being a KRT member is a great way to meet new people, get involved in your community and give back in a positive way to our wee part of Aotearoa New Zealand.

All Kumara residents and ratepayers are welcome to become members.  We value the support our members show by helping out with projects & events, fundraising, attending meetings, becoming trustees OR by simply signing up to be a member (which helps with funding applications for the benefit of our town).  We are all busy in our own lives and we won’t ever expect anything more than you’re willing to give!

Being a member means you:

  1. Support our mission statement: To enhance and preserve the Kumara community, including heritage aspects, beautification of the town, improved infrastructure and social activities and services, by charitable means.

  2. May be part of the decision making process by voting at general meetings, attending governance meetings and you could choose to be a trustee.

  3. May choose to be added to our email list and receive our meeting minutes, KRT events and project info and Westland District Council info (when it relates to Kumara).

KRT contact

Julie Rowe (KRT Chairperson)

Chinese Memorial Reserve *UPDATE*

Kumara Chinese reserve is a place with a strong gold mining history to tell, on a high profile site in Kumara on SH 73. The design vision aims to honour both the past of Chinese golden miners and also the rustic and unique west coast natural environment, by proposing a traditional Chinese style garden using typical Chinese structures and authentic locally sourced materials.

*Artist impression only*

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.06.13 AM.png