World famous in Kumara. 

The MINI-MET is a smaller version of the original Thermette; invented by a kiwi bloke to be used by soldiers during WW1 to boil water. It's other name was the 'Bengazi Boiler'. The larger Thermette (around 10 - 12 cups) is heated with a small fire burning inside and is fed with sticks through the chimney hole in the top. The MINI-MET, being only 2 cups, can be boiled whilst sitting uncovered in the pouring rain (perfect for Coasters) with 2 little Lucifer fire starters. The tapered cone inside the base area of the vessel causes the water to boil almost straight away.



With 2 firelighters, the MINI-MET will be boiled in around 8 minutes. 


The MINI-MET is made from 1.6mm 304 stainless steel and are almost indestructible. 



We have driven a Hilux 4WD up onto one and it survived unscathed. 


At only 180mm high, 100mm round, the MINI-MET is very portable - ideal for any outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, cycling - you name it! 

The MINI-MET can be heated with hot coals from the camp fire or from grass and twigs. I have friends who used a baked bean can cut in half with methylated spirits in it!  

The MINI-MET can be boiled almost anywhere, anytime with zero fuss and zero mess.


It holds 2 big cups of water and if you use 2 little Lucifers, once boiled, there is enough Lucifer left to pour out one cup for your coffee or noodles and fill back up and boil again for 2 more cups!

We have made several sizes of these from the mini 2 cups to 10 cups. We have even made some 30 cup ones for the Surf Life Saving club. 

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